Being a tourist in your own city

Sometimes its great to do touristy things in your own city – the stuff you don’t normally do. Stay in a hotel at the harbourside, have a ‘rear window’ experience. You are anonymous – try a fake accent!

a 'rear window' situation

a ‘rear window’ situation

threads of light

coloured baubles

looking out of windows into other windows

inside, blurred shadows, half-glimpsed

A leanfaced young man with steel eyes and a thin highbridged nose sat back in a swivel chair with his feet on the new mahongany-finish desk. His skin was sallow, his lips gently pouting. He wriggled in the little chair watching the little scratches his shoes were making on the veneer. Damn it I don’t care. Then he sat up suddenly making the swivel shriek and banged on his knee with his clenched fist. ‘Results,’ he shouted. (John Dos Passos, Manhattan Transfer)

Luna grin

Luna grin

the window perspires raindrops

Annette Messager's intestines, body parts like plush toys

Annette Messager’s intestines, body parts like plush toys

From Tabaimo's exhibition at the MCA in Sydney

From Tabaimo’s exhibition at the MCA in Sydney

Annette Messager's heart

Annette Messager’s heart


smoky city

smoky city

the iconic scene

the iconic scene

the coat hanger and the insect



2 thoughts on “Being a tourist in your own city

  1. Elizabeth

    What a great thing to do. Lovely photos too. Were you in North Sydney? It is a great spot.
    We did something similar for my recent birthday – after doing the hop on hop off bus tour in Dublin, Belfast and Galway; we came home and did it in Hobart. It was interesting to see the things they thought should be included.


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