Chimera – a chapbook of poetry and prose

My new chapbook of poetry and prose was published by Rochford Press in December 2020. If you’d like to purchase, please click here


Anna Couani writes of Chimera, ‘Jane Skelton’s work is disturbingly real but defamiliarises the familiar. Everything close is made distant, whether it be family members, random people, foreign cities or landscapes. It follows in the tradition of Modernist female writing where The Real is not a tidy narrative. The Australia in this book is a secret Australia – one we all know but don’t like to think about too much. Narrative threads remain ‘incomplete’ and highly suggestive. The haunting visual works by Louise Kerr perfectly match the tone of the text. Along with Jane’s other work, this book is another important addition to Australian writing.’

Chimera is beautifully illustrated by artist Louise Kerr

IMG_7262 (1)IMG_7287 (1)




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