Louise Kerr’s ‘Threads through the Landscape’

Louise Kerr’s tribe of hand-sewn soft scuptures, these subtly-painted dingos of coiled twine, cotton, paint and clay, evoke mythic animal characters. These sculptures have a double-edge, a darkness. They are also reminiscent of nailed-up carcasses, exposed innards, genitals, holes. Their faces are mask-like, but with glimpses of ‘human’ expression. They are “revealing masks.” Like dogs, and not like dogs. These are not only dingos but mirrors of us.

2014 Louise Kerr 'Lost near Blinman'

2014 Louise Kerr ‘Lost near Blinman’

Lousie Kerr recently exhibited at King Street Gallery on William St, Sydney.

See more of Louise Kerr’s work here



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